Praise God!

Brothers and sisters,

I just met one of our new sisters in Jesus!

She found Jesus one month ago. Actually, the Holy Spirit called her and she answered.

Not to glorify ‘Gabby,’ but, I want you to know what Jesus can clean you from. He will clean your life from rebelling against him.

Gabby worked in the sex industry. She did not feel good about what she did. She was not happy.

And then Jesus called. Jesus cleaned her past. Now she is happy and loves God.

She still struggles. She still has temptations to fight.

Don’t we all fight temptation to do things we know we should not do?

After we talked about that, I talked with her about finding God’s will for her life. She was excited. She said, “I have been talking about this.”

On my English blog, I wrote about 3 things that help us to find God’s will for our lives. 3 Steps to finding God’s will. These are only the first three steps. And I will write about more soon. But, they are: (1) Does what you are doing bring glory to God?; (2) Does this express God’s love for people?; Does this action agree with God’s Word he gave us in the Bible.

God bless you!

And I love Ukraine!


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