In the eye of the storm


Ukraine is in the middle of a political storm.

Torn between Europe, freedom, and Russia; Ukraine is in the middle.  Torn.  Confused.  Betrayed.  May I say, “Lost?”

3 months ago, everyone knew what it meant to be a Ukrainian.  Every Russian everywhere in the world KNEW every Ukrainian, especially ‘Russian’ Ukrainians were not as smart as true ‘Russians.’

When you study logic, you learn there are fallacies.  A fallacy is something that may sound right, but it is not logical.

Moscow suffers from the logical problem called “No true ‘Scotsman.'”  No matter how much someone claimed to be a true Russian, no one outside of Moscow was good enough to be considered a ‘true Russian.’  And this was painfully obvious when any Russian discussed Ukraine.

Now everyone is confused.

No longer do Muscovites look down upon the Russians in Ukraine.  Now Muscovites claim Russians in Ukraine as true Russians.  Even equal to Muscovites?

Everyone is surprised.  Some Ukrainian Russians now want to become true ‘Russians.’  But every intelligent person knows once this storm has passed, the only true ‘Russians’ will no longer be those who came from Ukraine.  The only true Russians will again be Muscovites.

But, in the eye of the storm, as everyone thinks the worst of the storm has passed us, some people begin to think of the old days before the storms.  When they thought they were better.  When they thought life was better.

So, they dream they may finally become true Russians – Muscovites.

Soon the storm will return.  Because they dreamt of the old days and their future, they did not prepare for the storm to return.  The storm will hit them harder than the earlier storm.

And they will be surprised.

Whenever there is peace in the middle of the storm, find better things to do.  Prepare for the storm to return.  If anything is broken, fix it.  If anything is lose, tie it down.  If the car needs repairs, fix it.  If the car needs gasoline, keep the gas tank full.  If there is no water in the apartment, get water.

Keep enough food for seven days.

Be ready for the storm to return.

And when Jesus appears to you in the middle of the storm, do not look at the waves and the storm.  Saint Peter did that, and he fell into the storm.  Jesus saved Peter from the storm.  And then Jesus spoke harshly to Peter.

Learn from Saint Peter.  When Jesus speaks to you in the middle of all the crazy political storm in Ukraine, listen to Jesus.  If he says only a little, then listen a little.  If Jesus speaks to you all night.  Then listen to Jesus all night.

Do not let the problems around us distract you from a chance to see and speak with Jesus.

And then.

Then do not let the storm keep you from working for Jesus.

Remember, for a few days, it will be calmer.  Use the calm to get ready.  Become ready for whatever comes next.

I pray peace will come next.  We pray peace will come next.

But, whatever comes next, be prepared.  Become like Saint Peter after that storm.  You know Peter did not make that mistake a second time.

God bless you brothers and sisters.  I will be with you soon.


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